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About Vijay's Sherawali Temple


Vijay Chand was a Husband, Father, Small Business Owner, Yatri, and a Real Estate Tycoon. He emigrated to San Francisco from Suva, Fiji in 1979 with only the clothes on his back. He worked tirelessly for 42 years by day in Real Estate and his small business by night in San Francisco.

He always worked hard, a characteristic he brought back with him from Fiji. He dropped out of school to work day and night pushing a kart selling Mitai (sweets) to provide for his brothers and sisters so they could have the privilege to attend school. Even after emigrating to the Bay Area he influenced his younger brother and other family members to invest into Real Estate. Vijay was always known to work hard, play hard. He was no doubt an influential figure within his community; everyone looked towards him for his wise advice. He would captivate the room anywhere he went and everyone would gravitate towards him for his jokes (sparing no one from a good roast).He knew how to have a good time and loved to make people laugh. But then there was a turning point in his life.

He visited India in 1990 and trekked through Kashmir hiking 15 kilometers for Darshan to Vaishno Devi. After this pilgrimage Vijay was enlightened and became a Vaishno Devi/Sherawali Bhagat traveling to The Mandir in the mountain annually. Through his travels he explored India in great detail visiting every Shakti Peethas, Jyotirlingams, and many other historic temples in India. Becoming a modern day Yatri. With all the temples he visited, he fell in love with Goddess Durga.

Vijay always wanted to give back to The Bay Area Community. He dreamed of building a safe space for everyone to: eat, pray, chant, meditate, gather, learn, and grow from.

Vijay's unfulfilled dream was fulfilled by his youngest son Romiel Vijay Chand and financed by his Parents' Estate.

Today his wife is continuing Vijay's legacy with her commitment to the community by carefully curating puja services with pandit's, scholars, and community members. While her son Romiel manages the temple from an operational perspective. After every service Prasad is served, consisting of curry, rice, dhal, and fruit (ayurvedic diet). Always vegetarian and always free of charge for any temple visitors.

Vijay's Sherawali Temple is Vijay's Gift to the Bay Area Community.

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